FREAK is working on creating our Education packages, coming in 2023. These include all you need to experience VR and AR learning at your school. If you are interested in an education experience while we work on our packages, please send us an enquiry via the form at the bottom of the page.


Over 300 pieces of educational content covering STEM, History, the Arts and social sciences, along with built for education, portable VR and AR equipment, and a library of curriculum aligned lesson plans.



VR is fast becoming the go-to immersion tool to provide students with educational experiences.

For primary students, FREAK Education will offer VR lesson plans tailored for:


  • Space
  • History (modern, ancient and prehistoric)
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Technology

Teachers and Educators

New technology can be confronting. Familiarising yourself with VR is the first step to confidently using it in your class room.
FREAK Education provides training for teachers and educators using the KARA method:


  • Knowledge – giving educators the knowledge of the technology
  • Ability – demonstrating their understanding of the technology
  • Reteaching – requiring educators to return “teaching” to us, to ensure they are fully onboard
  • Affirmation – finalising the process and ensuring educators are confident in the technology

Learning to use the tools and being confident in your own abilities with VR technology will allow you to better teach your students. FREAK Education provides all the resources necessary to learn the ins and outs of VR in a friendly and informative environment.


FREAK Education is unlike any education provider in the VR space. We utilize our expansive knowledge of VR technology to provide the ultimate Virtual Reality education experience.


  • Experience: backed by thousands of student experiences in collaborative VR at our venues
  • Expertise: in immersive learning trends, hardware and supporting IT requirements
  • Resources: a huge catalog of content and equipment, and part of an ASX listed group.


Complete the enquiry form and our VR Education team will contact you for a free consultation. If you’re only available after 3:15pm please add this to the comments section.