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FREAK Bondi has partnered up with MOMO ROTO to bring our Bondi players an exclusive offer.

Dine in at MOMO ROTO Bondi Junction, located directly opposite our Bondi venue, and receive 10% off your next game with us.* Nice!

If you’d prefer to play first and eat later, then you can step beyond reality in any game of ours and score 10% off your next dine-in meal at MOMO ROTO!^

Good things are just around the corner.

*Offer valid at FREAK VR Bondi Junction only. One coupon per booking. Walk-ins only; coupon must be presented to be eligible for discount. Not valid in conjunction with other offers.

^Offer valid at MOMO ROTO Bondi Junction only. One coupon per table. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Coupon must be presented to be eligible for discount. Not redeemable for cash. All rights reserved.



For the brave, adventurous, or outright crazy! Team up and take on the brain-hungry undead as you fight your way through a zombie infested army base. Solve puzzles, find new equipment, and navigate dangerous terrain, in order to reach your end task… to save the world!

Four intense missions to play through: Missile Base, Live Bait, Horde Mode and Extraction Point.

Players: Up to 4
Rated: MA15+ (or 12+ with adult)


Ghost patrollers unite! Ghosts have invaded a creepy manor where hallways move and furniture comes to life. Armed with your Hue Blasters, work with your team to zap the colourful visitors away.

Find your way through the maze of enchanted hallways, collect power crystals and work together to bust the wicked Ghost King!

Players: Up to 4
Ages: 10+



FREAK Drive uses a custom version of Assetto Corsa Competizione developed specifically for gaming arcades. The game features over 100 different life-like cars and tracks, including GT, Rally, F1 and more, from all across the world.

Milimeter-accurately modeled cars and tracks from real life, combined with FREAK’s customised force-feedback steering and pedal system, means FREAK Drive works hard to bring you the most awesome racing simulator ever.



Set in the Prince of Persia universe, grab your crew of 2, 3 or 4 and enter the mysterious Fortress of Time. Wield the Dagger of Time and aid Kaileena in her quest to stop the wicked Magi from taking over Persia… or even the world.

Use the Dagger to slow, stop, or even reverse time within the Fortress. Wield it to solve the mind-bending puzzles found inside and work your way to the Hourglass Chamber before the Magi releases the sand!

For the first time, escape as a group of three, in the latest instalment of the FREAK Escape Trilogy.




Armed with your trusty laser blaster, jump from tower to tower through the beautiful night sky, shooting at the enemy robots to gain points.

Play in teams and work together to gain a tactical advantage, shoot the enemy team, complete the objective, and WIN!

Multiple rounds can be played to create a tournament. Who will take the crown in a best-of 3 or 5 round tourney?



Whether you’re a VR Veteran or have never touched a controller, our Virtual Reality Arcade is the perfect way to give VR a go! The Arcade features over 30 of the world’s leading VR titles, and is always evolving with the latest games.

From zombie survival, puzzle gamers, shooters, kid-friendly content and everything in between, we’re certain there’s something for everyone here.


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