Arizona Sunshine – Mission 4 – Extraction Point. A new free-roam multiplayer VR mission set in the zombie-infested world of Arizona Sunshine, now playing at FREAK!

A scientist claims to have the cure for the infection but is trapped in the zombie-infested Arizona Star Refinery. You and up to three team mates are in a race against time to extract the scientist and the cure before the entire city and all its undead are nuked. In a daring mission that seems doomed from the start, you will need to arm yourselves with whatever weaponry you can find and blast your way through a refinery overrun with undead. Then make your way to the very top in an attempt to escape with the cure that will end the zombie apocalypse.

Extraction Point is the fourth mission of Arizona Sunshine Arena, exclusive to FREAK in Australia, following Mission 1: Missile Base, Mission 2: Live Bait, and Mission 3: High Score Battle

Bookings are now open for Easter school holidays!