At Freak we are taking our return to operations post COVID very seriously. Safely reopening requires our business, staff and customers to act responsibly and with a commitment to safety.

What we will do:
• Keep a sign on the front door asking you not to enter if you have experienced flu like symptoms.
• Mark the floor and seating to keep 1.5m apart and provide clear directions on where you should go.
• Limit sessions on our manifest to allow additional time for cleaning
• Wipe down all equipment including VR headsets, haptic vests, backpack PC’s, controllers, and guns between customer sessions with hospital grade cleaner.
• Wipe down areas of high usage or equipment between customer use with hospital grade cleaner.
• Regularly wipe down areas of low-medium usage with hospital grade cleaner.
• Provide hand sanitiser for customer and staff use.
• Ensure our staff are fit to attend work and do not have any flu-like symptoms.
• Limit capacity in the building to abide by the 4m2 rule

What we ask you to do:
• Ask that you reschedule your booking if you feel unwell or have been in contact with a known COVID19 case.
• Ask that you book online or purchase gift vouchers online before arrival.
• Ask that you complete the online waiver found in your booking confirmation email prior to arrival
• Ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your game session
• Ask that you don’t bring spectators unless you are the guardian of children.
• Ask that you respect social distancing rules