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Any Basic Free Roam game or any Basic Virtual Escape Room.

*$49 game available within 30 days of original booking. Valid for one Basic Free-Roam or Basic Escape game. Valid Monday to Thursday, excluding school and public holidays. Not valid for gift vouchers or in conjunction with other offers.



Strap in, kit up, let’s go. FREAK’s VR Free-Roam Arena allows you to experience VR the way it was meant to be played. Up to 4 players don the VR Backpack and walk freely around the Arena to play, untethered by cables and walls!

Arizona Sunshine: For the brave, adventurous, or outright crazy! Up to 4 players fight their way through a zombie infested army base, solving puzzles and navigating dangerous terrain, in order to reach their goal… save the world! (Ages 12+)

Ghost Patrol: Team up and enter into a spooky haunted mansion. Complete riddles, explore mysterious mazes and bust ghosts so you can get to the end and defeat the wicked Ghost King! Perfect for families. (Age 10+)



Androids & Outlaws GameS
VR Arcade titles in a square


Using virtual reality, FREAK’s VR escape rooms can literally take you to other worlds. Work together in teams of 2-4 players, with mind bending puzzles and adrenaline pumping challenges.

Escape the Lost Pyramid: Set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins, enter the Animus and delve into the ancient Lost Pyramid of Nebka. Solve the puzzles within and ascend to the apex to claim your prize – an artefact known as the Piece of Eden! (Ages 12+)

Beyond Medusa’s Gate: Set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, step back into the Animus and be transported into a mysterious cave system. Navigate its maze-like structure, then defeat the ancient Stone Head of Medusa to find another Piece of Eden! (Ages 12+)

^All bookings incur a 2% equipment fee at checkout/when booking.


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