The virtual world is infinite and unending. So much to see and do! These school holidays, it’s up to you to step into VR, explore these brand new worlds and conquer them all.

Our epic Boogie & Blast and Apocalypse Survival combos make a triumphant return for another season of fun. If you’ve already played, then book in again to take another crack and beat your high score!

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Step into the role of an action hero with our Apocalypse Survival Special. Grab this package and slay hordes upon hordes of zombies in one round each of After the Fall and Arizona Sunshine! Ages 12+

After the Fall sends you to an alternate 1980s Los Angeles, where mysterious and evil creatures known as Snowbreed have taken over and are coming for you! Become a Harvest Runner and go out in search of resources, all while slaying as many Snowbreed as you can to keep each other alive.

Arizona Sunshine cranks up in the heat as you travel to the arid Arizona desert. Zombies have raised from the dead and are coming for you! Solve puzzles, grab new guns, slay the undead and save the world!

Two epic experiences for just $89/pp^. Valued at $128!


Imagine a world – any world – then let us take you there! Anything is possible in virtual reality. Score one round of Ghost Patrol and three levels in Phenomena! Ages 10+

Ghost Patrollers unite! The wicked Ghost King has taken over a decrepit mansion and it’s up to you to put a stop to his evil deeds. Defeat his haunted army, then take him down!

Experience the Phenomena of VR across three different games – Enter the Duat, Versus Laser Tag and Space Dance Harmony. Each game offers a unique experience not found anywhere else at FREAK, so be sure to try them all!

Two mind-blowing free roam games for just $89/pp^. Valued at $128!

*Offer available until 09.10.23. Not valid in conjunction with other offers. Not available for gift vouchers. ^All bookings incur a 2% equipment fee at checkout/when booking.



There’s games for kids of all ages! For FREAKers aged 8 – 10, we recommend…

Phenomena – experience the phenomena of virtual reality with three awesome games; Enter the Duat, Space Dance Harmony and Versus Laser Tag. Available in the Free-Roam Basic pack.

VR Arcade – check out over 30 of the world’s greatest VR titles, all in one place. Play Job Simulator, Fruit Ninja VR, Pistol Whip, Space Pirate Trainer and much, much more. There’s something for everyone! Available in the VR Arcade Basic and Value packs.


For those a bit older, ages 10 – 12, we recommend…

Ghost Patrol – the wicked Ghost King has taken over an old mansion, and now plans to take over the world. With the help of Ghost Patroller Gavin, put an end to the Ghost King and his evil army before it’s too late! Available in the Free-Roam Basic pack.

Escape the Lost Pyramid – you and your team have been tasked with delving into an ancient pyramid once thought lost to time. Work together to solve mind-bending puzzles and escape with a mysterious artefact… Available in the VR Escape Basic pack.


Mum and dad, you can play, too. For ages 15+, we recommend…

Arizona Sunshine – gear up, soldier, the zombie apocalypse is here! Grab your team and your weapon, and embark on four death-defying missions to save the world from the evil undead horde. Can you survive? Available in the Free-Roam Basic and Value packs.

FREAK Drive – the ultimate racing experience is here! With over 100 different tracks and cars to choose from, strap in and rev your engines like never before. Compete with your friends to be the fastest around the track! Available in the FREAK Drive packs.

^All bookings incur a 2% equipment fee at checkout/when booking.


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