2-FOR-1 Free Roam Arena

It’s time to get FREAKY 😏

We’re as passionate about VR as you’re passionate about each other, so work together to solidify that burning love by surviving in the Arena back to back!

Test your communication skills by surviving together with our unmissable VR for Two Valentine’s Day Special. How far will you go to prove your affection?

$59 for 2 players
Any Basic Free Roam Game

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*On sale until 18.02.24. Valid for Arizona Sunshine, Scarygirl, Phenomena, or Androids & Outlaws only. Offer available at all venues. Gift vouchers valid until 18.02.25. Not valid in conjunction with other offers.



For the brave, adventurous, or outright crazy! Team up and take on the brain-hungry undead as you fight your way through a zombie infested army base. Solve puzzles, find new equipment, and navigate dangerous terrain, in order to reach your end task… to save the world!

Four intense missions to play through: Missile Base, Live Bait, Horde Mode and Extraction Point.

Players: Up to 4
Rated: MA15+ (or 12+ with adult)



Prepare your team for a journey through an enchanted forest to take down the Maybee Corporation, run by the maniacal Dr Maybee himself! He will stop at nothing to create the perfect species. The by-product of his twisted pursuit is hazardous goo that has poisoned plants and animals and ultimately will cause the destruction of the entire planet.

Enter the world of Scarygirl, the visual novel that took the internet by storm, and team up with Arkie and her friends to put an end to Dr Maybee’s wicked deeds!

Players: Up to 4
Ages: 8+


Experience the phenomena of virtual reality! FREAK has partnered with Phenomena to bring you three awesome new games…

Enter the Duat: Use your bows and arrows to aid the sun god Ra in his nightly battle with Apep, the serpent god of chaos. If you lose, Egypt will be thrown into eternal darkness and chaos. If you win, you’ll restore light back to the land of Egypt!

Space Dance Harmony: A multiplayer dance party in space! Take to the stars and follow your guide – show off your moves and dance to the rhythm. Gain more points for following the steps closely, and win by being the one with the smoothest moves!

Versus Laser Tag: Laser Tag like never before – move around FREAK’s Free-Roam Arena and take out your enemies in virtual reality laser tag. With 6 different maps to choose from, find your and your team’s dynamic, and claim a well-fought victory

Players: 1 – 4
Ages: 8+


Look out! Androids have come to Earth to take our cows and destroy our crops – or possibly something even more sinister!

The Outlaws have come out from their houses to protect their land with their fierce rifles, sharp tongue and quick wits. Will they survive?!

Androids & Outlaws pits two teams of two players against each other in a light-hearted yet competitive game. Arm yourself with a shield and weapon, and attack the opposing team to score points – the team with the most points at the end, wins!

Players: 2 / 4
Ages: 8+


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