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FREAK’s exclusive new game now playing!

Look out! Androids have come to Earth to take our cows and destroy our crops – or possibly something even more sinister!

The Outlaws have come out from their houses to protect their land with their fierce rifles, sharp tongue and quick wits. Will they survive?!

Androids vs Outlaws is a brand new game built exclusively for FREAK, and we’re so excited to unveil this epic new game to the world!

The Free-Roam Arena game for ages 8+¬†pits two teams of one or two players against each other in a light-hearted yet competitive game. Arm yourself and attack the opposing team to score points – the team with the most points at the end, wins! However, the show doesn’t end there: there are special¬†bonus rounds where teams can earn extra points… Who will be victorious?

Join the Outlaws and defend your home against the evil invaders, or become an Android and destroy all humans with no mercy!

Utilising the brand new all-in-one headset from HTC Vive, the Vive Focus 3, Androids vs Outlaws will be played in our Arena, but is much more accessible to a younger crowd as all the computing power they need is built right into the headset. No heavy backpacks needed!

Prove your mettle and protect your cattle – it’s Androids vs Outlaws!