Summer is here again, and it’s a toasty one! It’s hot, it’s humid, and nobody wants a sunburn, so our staff have turned their attention indoors. The virtual world is nice and cool thanks to the air conditioning – yes, even in the virtual desert, like Arizona Sunshine!

We’re always updating our roster of games, usually getting at least one new one every week or so in the Arcade, so I asked our passionate staff what they’re playing at the moment.

First, I spoke to our flagship venue, FREAK Penrith in Western Sydney. Chelsea from Penrith, what’s your favourite game?

“Town of Salem” was the response I got, so I clarified, what’s your favourite VR game?

“Oh. I really like Job Simulator. […] It’s so cute and easy to play!” And she’s right! Job Simulator was one of the first Virtual Reality games I bought after getting my first headset way back in 2016. It’s the perfect introduction for kids and adults to try out VR for the first time, and absolutely still holds up today as one of the GOATs.

Next, I asked Carla from our Macquarie Park venue. I received a very fast and very confident answer: “I can confidently say After the Fall!”

A fantastic choice, one from our Free Roam arena. What do you like about it? “The snowy apocalypse is so eerie, and the zombies are terrifying, especially the giant ones.” I like zombies too, and so far, Macquarie had the best answer. After the Fall gets very intense very quickly, and wow it’s a good time. Definitely one of my top picks, too.

I turned my attention further eastward to Bondi Junction. They get a ton of sun out there, being on the coast. Yeah, the real beach is cool, but have you seen how many virtual beaches there are? Anyway, Lachlan from Bondi said “Skyfront VR“.

One of our Arcade-exclusives, nice. What’s so great about it? “I feel like a VTOL” (Vertical Take Off and Landing, a type of military jet). “Using the jetpacks and flying around shooting dudes is awesome.”

It is pretty awesome. You get two guns and can zoom around huge open-air arenas, shooting at the enemy team, dodging their shots and feeling free as a bird. It’s super exciting.

Lastly, I traveled (virtually, of course) up north to Surfers Paradise in Queensland, our biggest and most advanced venue to date. Apparently, there was some contention between the venue’s favourite game, with one person suggesting Tower Tag, another saying “basically any Escape Room”, but when the dust settled, they all agreed on one:

Arizona Sunshine. A classic from the early days of FREAK that has stood the test of time. Roaming around the arena, geared up with guns and venturing through the abandoned missile base with hordes of zombies nipping at your heels; there’s truly no other game that can match the epic-ness that remains the foundation of FREAK VR.

Whatever games you’re into, and no matter where you’re from, Virtual Reality has something to offer everyone. Stay out of the heat this Summer and dive into the virtual world. Not sure what you’ll love? Ask our team for their favourites, because we’re certain you’ll love them, too.