2023 has taken its headset off and handed it over to the next generation. 2024 is just hours away, so let’s put our headsets on, load up TimeMachine.exe and travel, virtually, back in time together!

4 Years Old

It’s hard to believe it but it’s true! It has already been four years since FREAK first stepped foot into the virtual world, and what a four years it’s been. From opening our doors in Penrith aaallll the way back in 2019, to Bondi, Macquarie Centre and Surfers Paradise (as well as the rest of NSW with our FREAK-in-a-boxes!), we’ve had a huge year of expansion. That’s not to mention the dozens of games we’ve added to our roster over the years, too, with plenty more to come! We can’t wait for another four years of FREAKy fun!


An Ever-Expanding Arsenal

We’re always looking for exciting, innovative and captivating new VR games to add to our library. Whether it’s in the Arena, the Arcade, or new experiences altogether, we’ve added dozens (yes, plural) of new games to our arsenal. In total, we have…

  • 7 Free Roam Games
  • Over 90 Arcade games
  • VR Laser Tag
  • FREAK Drive
  • 14 VR Escape Rooms

…and we don’t plan on stopping this virtual train anytime soon!


The Big Man Himself

Josh “Boss Man” Ross has been an incredible asset to the FREAK team since he first joined the party in 2022. Since then, he has taken on an additional software development role at our sister company, Red Cartel, and moved up to become Junior General Manager for FREAK VR. What an absolute legend! Give him a high five from us next time you’re in Macquarie!


Inclusivity and Accessibility

FREAK signed up to participate in the International Day of People With Disability for the first time this year. While we always strive for inclusivity and accessibility, the IDPWD event was a huge hit, and the foundation gave us outstanding support. For one week, we gave away free games to people living with disability, and had over 20 players come in! You bet your headset they had a fantastic time. We’ve even seen a couple of them back through our doors since!


Taking the Dub at the Penrith Local Business Awards

The Local Business Awards is a program that aims to recognise small businesses doing good work in their community. FREAK is always trying to provide an unforgettable experience to everyone that walks through our doors, and our hard work paid off! We received the Penrith City Tourism & Experiences Local Business Award, and we couldn’t be more grateful. A big thank you to our players who have supported us along the way!


It’s Gamer Time

We made the decision to move over to a brand new booking system to make things much easier for our players. This includes a new waiver form with more control over your personal identity, a new Membership system that’s free for everyone to sign up for, and a new booking website to allow players to book in just that little bit easier. We’ve got more work coming and big plans for 2024, so keep those bookings coming (wink)!


Thank you, FREAKers, for an incredible 2023. We’re not stopping here, so get ready for an incredible new venture into 2024. Cheers! 🥳