Anybody can play!


The International Day of People With Disability (IDPWD) is a day to celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of individuals with disabilities, as well as to promote inclusivity and accessibility for all. It’s a time to reflect on how we can create a more inclusive world where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can participate without restriction.

In recognition of this event, we’re excited to offer a unique and inclusive way to celebrate: a free Virtual Reality Basic session for anyone living with disability and their carers!

Virtual Reality technology has come a long way in making entertainment and experiences more accessible to people with disabilities. It provides an immersive and engaging platform that transcends physical limitations, allowing everyone to enjoy adventures, explore new worlds, and connect with others in ways previously unimagined.

To claim your free session, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this post, or head to our IDPWD page to find out more information.

This free session is available between 4th December – 8th December. We can’t wait to see you there!

International Day of People With Disability is a time to celebrate diversity, raise awareness, and take steps toward a more inclusive society. By offering a free Virtual Reality session, we believe are contributing to this vision by providing an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to experience the wonders of VR. Join us in celebrating this important day, and let’s continue working together to make the world more inclusive for everyone.


If you are nominating another person to play.
We will contact you to schedule your booking or discuss next available session.
Game selections can be found in the Experiences menu of our website.

*T&Cs apply, click here for further details.