Welcome to the circuit, Driver.

FREAK is proud to unveil Drive as the newest addition to our repertoire of unstoppable gaming experiences. We have carefully designed each pod to bring you the most realistic simulation of real racing available today. 4D motors, a powered steering wheel, 200-degree field of view and a native 8K display guarantees that Drive will hype every driver! Read on to find out more about this epic new experience…


4K. 200-Degrees of vision.

Two projectors with 4K resolution game on a panel 200-degrees wide, providing you with a full peripheral of the track. Swap between cockpit views, third person camera, or the hood at the press of a button. A number of different HUD elements are available to monitor your car’s performance. If you’d prefer to fully immerse yourself, we can turn it off for you, too. Lovingly rendered environments show off the majesty of each track’s real-world view, bringing you that much deeper into the sim.

Our Penrith venue utilizes Next Gen Racing Triple Monitor Mount, simulating that same 200-degree field of view split across three screens.


Take a seat.

You’ll discover a suede-cushioned racing chair, designed to imitate real seats used by real drivers. The haptic motor system, that jostles and shakes in real time with your virtual car, delivers the most realistic driving simulation available today. Combined with a pair of top-quality headphones, you’ll feel the rumble of the race even closer to your heart.

Specially designed pedals replicate those found in race cars as closely as possible; full steel and pressurised to simulate braking with the weight of a full car. This is something you need to feel to believe!


Most importantly, the game.

Project Cars Pro – the epic drive simulator used by real racers the world over. Select from over 220 different cars provided by the world’s most recognisable manufacturers, and take them for a spin on over 100 different circuits. Laser-scanning technology provides sub-millimetre accuracy for all available tracks; Bathurst, the California Highway, the NASCAR Loop, and many more. You’ll feel every bump, bounce and brake across every corner of every track.

We’re incredibly excited to unveil FREAK Drive to the world, and we know you’ll love it, too. Prices start at just $18 for 15 minutes, $30 for 30 minutes, or $55 for the hour, with spaces for up to four people to race together.


Come and try FREAK Drive – now playing at Macquarie Centre, Bondi and Penrith.


Will you be the champion?