We’re excited to have opened our first venue in Sydney, on Friday 13th December 2019! After a few weeks we have already seen some incredible reviews from critics, influencers and customers. The last few weeks have been crazy with hundreds of people trying FREAK for themselves. 

Here is some of the awesome things people have been saying about FREAK

Joab Gilroy, Red Bull media:

“it’s tense as hell and extremely scary” 

“If seeing is believing in VR, then FREAK VR is planning on opening people’s eyes.”

Joab Gilroy, Red Bull Media

Read Joab’s full review here: https://www.redbull.com/au-en/hands-on-with-australian-exclusive-vr-games-at-freak-vr

Trevor Long, Today Show

“Freak VR is one of the coolest VR experience I’ve taken part in”

“With full motion in a game limited space, it is utterly realistic”

Trevor Long, Today Show tech reporter and EFTM publisher

Read Trevor’s full review here: https://eftm.com/2019/12/freak-vr-awesome-gaming-experience-opens-in-penrith-more-to-come-69713

Hope to see you out here soon and you can experience the awesomeness for yourself!

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