Escape like never before…

Adventure is a term we know and love. It’s a familiar concept to the FREAK team, which means we are always looking to one-up ourselves. Be bigger, do greater, go beyond (reality). To that end, we’re super excited to introduce two incredible new experiences. Corsair’s Curse and Eclipse VR – our brand-new Super VR Escape Rooms played in our Free-Roam Arena.

Corsair’s Curse puts you in the shoes of a pirate that has come across the Corsair’s galleon and the treasure aboard. As you try to take the booty for yourself, the Corsair himself appears, and curses you to become wooden idols! You can return to normal again and keep his bounty, on one condition… Solve his riddles and escape with your lives! Ages 12+

Eclipse VR sees you and your crew aboard the space-faring Eclipse-1. As you were attempting to rescue the crew of the Eclipse-2, a solar flare knocked your ship offline. Board the Eclipse-2 and find out what happened, then get back to Earth before the nearby sun destroys the ships… and you! Ages 12+

These brand new Super VR Escape Rooms are absolutely incredible – our staff love them, and we know you will too! Head into any FREAK NSW venue and go beyond reality today!

Find our opening hours here – call or send us an email, and our friendly staff will happily book you in!

Dive into Virtual Reality, where you can be anyone and do everything!