Explore other dimensions these school holidays!

Travel universes this July with FREAK VR. All our venues will be open Monday – Sunday and we’re ready to have you dive in and play the best games VR has to offer!

Survive the most epic apocalypse over four epic missions in Arizona Sunshine Рsurvive and save the world! Become a ghost hunter and take on the wicked Ghost King with his army of spooks and spirits in Ghost Patrol!

Abstergo Industries needs your help – step into the Animus in two death-defying and brain-melting VR Escape Rooms set in the world of Assassin’s Creed! Explore the Ancient Pyramid of Nebka in Escape The Lost Pyramid, then spelunk into a lost cave to defeat the Stone Head of Medusa in Beyond Medusa’s Gate! Discover lost relics and work together to escape!

Our VR Arcade is open to everyone – jump in and play over 30 of VR’s latest and greatest titles. With games like Pistol Whip, Job Simulator, Fruit Ninja, Zero Caliber and more, there’s truly something for everyone!

Find our opening hours here Рcall or send us an email, and our friendly staff will happily to assist!

Dive into Virtual Reality, where you can be anyone and do everything!