Stay active these holidays!


The holidays are here again, so let’s take another trip beyond reality with some epic holiday fun! Stay active, and keep the party rolling at FREAK. Our holiday exclusive combo packages are available now and for limited time, so book your time beyond reality now and stay active!

June Holiday Combos

  • Apocalypse Survival Combo – Ages 12+
  • 1 mission of Arizona Sunshine and After the Fall – $89/pp^
  • Boogie & Blast Combo – Ages 10+
  • 1 mission of Ghost Patrol and 3 rounds of Phenomena – $89/pp^

The Apocalypse Survival Combo takes you first into the Arizona desert, where you must first delve into a missile silo and launch the device found within. The structure was abandoned long ago… or was it? Then, travel back to 1980s Los Angeles, where a terrifying new type of zombie has risen. Venture into the frozen wastes and defeat the Snowbreed out there to retrieve some important supplies for the camp!

The Boogie & Blast Combo is fun for the whole family! Step into a mysterious haunted mansion, infested by the wicked Ghost King and his evil spectre army. Team up with Ghost Patroller Gavin to solve the puzzles in the mansion, and banish the King from the realm before he takes your soul forever! Then, venture across world in Phenomena. Help the Sun God Ra save Egypt in Enter the Duat, fight for victory in Versus Laser Tag, then dance the night away in Space Dance Harmony!

The fun never has to end these holidays, so book now!

*Combo’s available until 16.07.23. Direct bookings only, not available for gift vouchers or in conjunction with other offers. ^2% booking fee automatically applied at checkout.