The virtual world is calling for you again these school holidays! Our fan-favourite VR Combos, Boogie & Blast and Apocalypse Survival, make a triumphant return – and so will you! With multiple levels to play through, this is your opportunity to come back and experience virtual reality again and again! If you’ve been with us before, dive back into VR and see if you can beat your high score. Zombies, ghosts, skeletons and music await you, just one step into virtual reality!

Early access is available now, so book in early to be among the first in the virtual world these school holidays. Just $89pp^!

What’s in the box:

Boogie & Blast VR Combo
Ghost Patrol + 3 Phenomena Games

This epic combo is perfect for kids and families looking to try out VR for the first time. Journey into the Ghost King’s haunted mansion and put a stop to his shenanigans, then dance, zap and fight across the three awesome Phenomena games!

Ghost Patrollers unite! The wicked Ghost King has taken over a decrepit mansion and it’s up to you to put a stop to his evil deeds. Defeat his haunted army, then take him down!

In Phenomena, you’ll play Enter the Duat, Versus Laser Tag and Space Dance Harmony. Help the Sun God Ra save Egypt from darkness, then zap your friends as robots in an ever-changing arena. Finally, dance the night away and aim for a high score!

Apocalypse Survival VR Combo
Arizona Sunshine + After the Fall

Zombies, zombies, and… more zombies! This one is for the teens and grown-ups. Grab your mates, gear up, lock and load! Step into the arid Arizona desert to clear out a horde of hungry zombies from an abandoned missile silo, then travel to the frozen Los Angeles wasteland to help a group of survivors locate a hidden cache of resources… guarded by a tide of the undead, of course!

After the Fall sends you to an alternate 1980s Los Angeles, where mysterious and evil creatures known as Snowbreed have taken over and are coming for you! Become a Harvest Runner and go out in search of resources, all while slaying as many Snowbreed as you can to keep each other alive.

Arizona Sunshine cranks up in the heat as you travel to the arid Arizona desert. Zombies have raised from the dead and are coming for you! Solve puzzles, grab new guns, slay the undead and save the world!


VR School Holiday Specials $89pp^, available until 09.10.23. Book fast so you don’t miss out! 


*Available until 09.10.23. Not valid for gift vouchers or in conjunction with any other offers. ^2% booking fee automatically applied at checkout.