Experiences make the ultimate gifts! Forget the mug and slippers, it’s time to PLAY! Bring Dad to your local FREAK venue for the ultimate Father’s Day experience – a trip beyond reality. There’s endless fun to be had in virtual reality. Dad can gear up and slay zombies, strap in and race, solve mind-bending puzzles, or just have fun with the family!

You can book to play any time, or grab a gift voucher to give to Dad on Father’s Day! Remember, the big day is Sunday September 3rd, so don’t miss out. Buy now!

Check out our top 4 picks for Dad:

#1 – After the Fall (Free Roam)

Venture out into the remains of post-apocalyptic LA, wield deadly weapons and devastating powers with real-life movements as you develop your combat style. Go head to head with hordes and towering bosses in a bid to leave the city a better place than your predecessors.

Dad will feel like a movie hero as he steps beyond reality, equipped with a variety of firearms and tools. Take on a seemingly endless horde of Snowbreed and fight for survival!

#2 – The Prison (Virtual Escape Room)

You’ve been framed and put in jail on trumped-up charges. Your friends still have their freedom though. The escape plan is all set, and now you’ll need all the courage, all the cunning and all the luck you have to get to freedom and clear your name. And to carry on your fight for justice.

Team up with Dad and work together to solve the puzzles found within your prison cell to escape unseen! This is a challenge not for the faint of heart; this is a mind-bending escape room for the whole family to get stuck in!

#3 – FREAK Drive (Racing Simulator)

Assetto Corsa Compeitizone (or simply ‘Assetto Corsa’) brings the driver closer to the action than ever before. With the most hyper-realistic tracks and cars, this is simulated racing cranked up to 11. Milimeter-accurately modeled cars and tracks from real life, combined with FREAK’s customised force-feedback steering and pedal system, means FREAK Drive works hard to bring you the most awesome racing simulator ever.

Why wait for the Bathurst 1000, just to sit and watch the race? Be a part of the action with FREAK Drive! Strap Dad in and put the pedal to metal, giving him the opportunity to drive a variety of cars across a number of world-famous tracks… Yes, including Bathurst!

#4 – Phenomena:

Bring the whole family and celebrate Father’s Day in style, with a variety of minigames perfect for mum and the little ones to get involved, too!

Enter the Duat: Use your bows and arrows to aid the sun god Ra in his nightly battle with Apep, the serpent god of chaos. restore light back to the land of Egypt!

Space Dance Harmony: A multiplayer dance party in space! Take to the stars and show off your moves. Dance to the rhythm and gain more points for following the steps closely. Win by being the one with the smoothest moves!

Versus Laser Tag: Laser Tag like never before – move around FREAK’s Free-Roam Arena and take out your enemies in virtual reality laser tag. With an ever-evolving dynamic map, fight and claim a well-fought victory!