Bring your bubble tea and go beyond reality!


What’s up, fellow kids? We know studying is such a bummer, so forget mathematics, don’t worry about Shakespeare! Put off doing your homework for another week and come play video games instead! What could go wrong?

FREAK is excited to announce a brand new discount exclusive for students – $30 games*, Monday to Thursday, at all venues! Bring your student card in to one of our venues and jump into our VR Escape Room, Arena or get an hour in our Arcade for just $30. Who needs to study when you’ve got zombies to kill?

We’re always expanding our library of epic VR games, so there’s never been a better time to go beyond reality. Treat yourself after exams, or play games instead of doing homework. Either way, it’s time to go beyond reality!

Need to vent some of those frustrations? Arizona Sunshine pits you and up to three friends against an infinite onslaught of zombies. Dive into the abandoned and zombie-infested Missile Base to detonate a missile and save the world!

Still need to stretch those brain muscles? Our Escape Rooms are open as well – step into the Lost Pyramid of Nebka or Medusa’s Cave and solve all the puzzles to make it to the end and locate an ancient lost artefact – the Piece of Eden!

Otherwise, you can just kick back and chillax with our Arcade. Over 30 different games at your disposal, ranging from high-intensity heart-pounding games like Pistol Whip, all the way down to yoga simulators like ABC Paint. There’s something for everyone!

Finish your ramen, put the bubble tea down, and dive head-first into virtual reality today!